the warrior faces a necromancer

proply last one im gonna make, then im gonna move onto a comic.
couldnt get the smoke to look right (dont have the latest photoshop) but im still pleased with it.
plus i made the map, just for this shot.

“damn this sword makes a great torch! and when will these mother f***ers learn to stay in their graves!?”

link to the other ones.
swamp creature:

You bring the epicness!
Holy Shit thats some nice work dude!
Keep it up!

Especially the editing!

I like it

thanks, glad you like it.

and thanks goldenbullet aswell.

anyone else for a comment? just a little one, could any one crittizise it, i would like to know where i went wrong.

Only one thing, did you intend to give the white skeleton such a goofy appearance?

The shield/sword look too blue. Oversaturated, that is.

i couldnt get to the jaw to pose it so i had to let it loose.


oh hai sup

also great work

“damn skeletons won’t give me a break”