The Warriors Francis

Francis with his Warriors vest. Now hexed! Just extract the folders into your Garry’s Mod directory. C&C appreciated.

[tab]Version:[/tab] V2!

[tab]Description:[/tab] A Warriors vest for Francis, and black gloves.

[tab]Requirements:[/tab] Gmod


NEW IMAGE (I know the edit sucks…)[/media]



what? red?
it looks blood clothe

Have you even seen The Warriors? And regardless, it’s not meant to be an exact representation.

Agreed, in the movie it is leather with a dark red tint.
Anyway awesome work!!


nice idea

rated art

Skin needs some work, instead of a hue/sat change you should of replaced it with a red leather texture.

Anyways, If someone does not hex it I’ll do it when I return in a few hours.

Cannnn youuuu diigggg ittttt, yes, yes I can

Hell yeah man, make some sprays
And yeh, i want all the warriors gangs, with his members in npc mode and playermodel mode

You didn’t do much, but it’s The Warriors so it’s good.

Grats on your first skin, I could hex it for you if you want.

That would be awesome if you could hex it.

Yea I know it’s not much.

I think its a bit too dark. Nice idea though.

“Warriors… come out and play-yay!!”

Awesome movie, great game.

shit, I really wanna download this but it keeps giving me an error
“warrior CRC failed in francis_color.vtf. The file is corrupt”

Anyone know how to fix this? is it my WinRar?

How did you install the file?

just opened up the RaR file and dragged it to gmod like nomral.

Do you have the Left 4 Dead survivor ragdolls in Gmod?

sure do

Hmm, strange. Well, I got the hex done if anyone wants it.