The WarZ give away (4 copies~) comp.

Yep, I’ve done one of these before, but this time I brought 4 copies of The War Z. (one of which being the $50 version with 9600 gold coins)

Anyway, you guys know the drill, make a sexy screenshot in the selected theme and the community decides the winner (highest combined artistic/winner).

The theme is emotion, doesn’t have to be any selective theme (like war, apocalypse ect), what I’m looking for is something that really captures a feel(s). c;
Just to get you started, here’s a picture from one of my ‘comics’ which I thought looked nice~

Dead line is in two weeks time, go nuts guys.

Pretty crappy pic, but whatever.


Hope you like S.T.A.L.K.E.R.!

ETA: When it’s done.

I’m pretty sure the winner doesn’t want that prize.

The War Z? You might as well punch the winner in the nuts, it’s a better prize. :v:

The servers will probably shut down by then.

War Z is shit, dont see why anyone would want it. I mean, you have to wait for like three hours until you can respawn.

actually its 1 hour

I want to enter for the sake of competition. I have warz and it’s a piece of crap.

Is it mean of me to enter when I don’t want the prize? I would ofcourse give (or let you give) the copy to someone else if I should win.

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its WarZ but hey why not

Oh right its The WarZ

Decided to give it a shot…

Never posted here before, am I doing this right? This is my first shot at posing ragdolls.

With the rest of his team lying dead before him, he clutches a crumbled note his daughter shoved into his pocket when he was forced to leave… “I love you.” …The last bullet is saved for himself.


Do I win?

The SAS has…
2 pair! The SAS wins, with the higher pairs.

Hey hey, don’t be too bashful. This is the first ragdoll pose I’ve ever done. I’m never giving any of my money to the WarZ devs so why not haha? And it was like 3:30 so minimal fucks were given in the making of this.