The WarZ Models

hey, for about a month now i’ve been working on these WarZ models

didnt want to take over that other guys thread with a little release because.

anyway around 210 models in this not including the body/skingroups

here u go


there are more pictures but i dont wanna spam them

if you want me to do any others just tell me, i enjoy working on these

Have a winner

No,have my babies!

I just want to point out that the “Items” models all appear to have missing textures in-game. The files are there, but they’re just in the wrong place. Instead of the textures being in “materials/models/warz/items/” they’re in “materials/models/items/”.

Pretty cool besides that. The vehicle models are nice.

oops, thanks for pointing that out!

done that, thanks for pointing it out again :slight_smile: