The Wastelanders

Scenebuild on Gm_Black like all the cool guys are doing these days
Second scenebuild i’ve done so far
And i’m proud of this one


Click it for fullsize.

Criticism appreciated

It would be nice if the sky was an orange hue though and less white.

There’s some weird floating black box at the end of the highway by the way! Have no clue what that is lol.

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Using the sky tool editor without the fog tool editor can generate some beautiful skies in gm_black by the way. Try making sky go from lower orange to blue at the top, looks very pretty on that map.

That box is a sign dangling
If that’s the box you are talking about

rather impressive

Really digging the artsy approach you took with this(nearly silhouetted figures). It’d be cool to see some more post-apoc pics from ya’.

There will be more to come c:

nice picture overall, but some of the prop placement detracts from the realism a bit. mainly talking about the random poles on the side of the road that are only a few meters apart.