The Watcher

And a lot of things I didnt posted yet

They’re all great man.

Wow, these are all very very good. Particular favorite is the seventh, reminds me of all those iPod adverts.

the demoman/heavy cutout picture is fucking cool

The last one is my fav.

A cartoon rendering? It’s my favorite!!!

The 4th is fucking good. Good job bro.

Oh lol at the last two pics. They’re all awesome, good work.

The one where he shoots the flare up in the sky and the one resembling the MW2 menu are my favourites.

Love these so much. Awesome work.

very cool mon

Holy shit look at all the Abstract-type art there.

though it isnt very original stuff, its a start :slight_smile:

I also made a speededit video of one:

These are some really sweet edits!

The last one supposed to be from King of the Hill? I like it.