"The water is coming in to the ship, Let's get the hell out of here!"



ahhh…cod 4…good times

Hurts my eyes.

lol you guys get your eyes hurt by everything xD

Gaz: Oh-No! The water is foggy, RUN!!


Looks like a sauna

Looks more like ice or poisonous gases.

Holy mother of PNG’s.
Use jpg’s next time, max quality. (I had to learn the hard way :\ )

Uhhhh Jpegs are bad pngs are good.

Quick, the misty drizzle is beginning to lightly dust the floors of the ship, move out of the area at a rather slow and calm pace!

Sorry, but I don’t get the feeling of rushing water and danger form this. Just two dudes standing in a Bavarian Sauna.

Jpgs good enough, pngs take long time to load sometimes.
Well that’s what Uberslug and Chesty suggested to me.

Ya, JPEGS are top, don’t use PNG’s BMP’s or GIFS

Funny, none of my Jpegs look like that if I set jpeg quality to 100… Also just a quick FYI… all screenshots taken in game are JPEG… so converting it to a PNG would not make the quality better.

lol it really does

Doesn’t make it better, but it certainly prevents it from getting worse. JPEG uses lossy compression meaning every time you save it the quality will get worse.

You can save a PNG file 100 times, the quality will not get worse. It does take a little longer to download but I think it’s worth it especially if you’re doing single screenshots. Not wise for comics though. Yeeeeeah…30MB comic, I bet a lot of people are gonna want to read that.

PNGs are pointless on our forum and only prolong loading times. Jpeg quality 100 in-game and then jpeg quality 100 in editing is easily enough. There’s nothing more irritating than a png uploaded to slow hosts like imageshack.

Yes, if it’s taking forever to load i tend to just forget it and maybe look at it again when i get bored and have nothing to do, maybe

Fair enough, didn’t know people even still used imageshack.