The water pipe shotgun makes absoluteley no sense!

So to start off I would like to say a few things about Rust and why I find replacing the shotgun with a waterpipe shotgun look to be very unrealistic. I hope none of the developers take this the wrong way and understand that I am purely stating a point. Alright so recently I was browsing the forums and saw a post about a waterpipe shotgun with this animation created by AlternativeMaxOfS2D. AlternativeMaxOfS2D usually makes the weapon animations for Rust. I thought WOW this was not thought through very well unless Garry is planning on using this as a weaker version that goes along side the regular shotgun, is releasing a MAJOR update or doesn’t plan on this game having any realism at all! The weapon/crafting system in the game at the moment makes a lot more sense then what I assume is going to be added in. How the system works is you travel across the map searching for blue prints to research and research kits and paper both of which you can obtain by killing zombies, looting boxes in warehouses, factories and other industrial buildings and from a care package dropped by a plane which flies over the map once every day/night cycle. A blue print would teach you the exact parts and materials you would need to craft this weapon. Also you would not find a waterpipe shotgun in an industrial factory or on a zombie which most likely once inhabited the land and created many of the industrial zones you see around the map. A civilization advanced enough to create a factory would most definitely not be using a waterpipe shotgun. Also why on earth would a modern day plane drop a waterpipe shotgun in a care package?!? The waterpipe shotgun does not fit in with anything in the game at all unless of course like the bow it is something you know how to create without researching. BUT if that is the case then it makes no sense that you know how to craft a 9mm pistol without researching it.

Also on another note, spawning in completely naked is another very unrealistic thing no matter how comical it may be. If you have managed to somehow obtain a bandage, gather a sturdy stick with forest gunk on the top and have picked up a rock which you pull out of your ass seeing as you don’t have backpack but have an endless asscrack in which you store your items why haven’t you picked up a leaf? Although TBH waking up completely naked in the middle of a massive polluted island (possible date rape) which is filled with zombies has a road many industrial buildings and has a plane fly over every day which drops a care package full of weapons, medical supplies and raw materials in which people take and kill each other with doesn’t make any sense either. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also if they are going for a more realistic caveman type approach with rust they are going to have to change pretty much everything! They would have to either change or remove: C4, Grenades, All modern weapons, The plane, Bullets, Buildings, Armor, All Eatable items accept chicken, The road, Sleeping bags, Blood draw kits/Blood and pretty much everything else!

I think we can imagine really complex weapons (Moderns ones, powerful, hard to craft) and home made zip guns easy to make with usual stuff ?? I think it’s the idea…Why one would exlude the other ?

One wouldn’t exactly “exclude” the other in the case of zip guns but in the case of the waterpipe shotgun I would either think they are replacing the regular shotgun or are making it a weaker version of the regular shotgun. The post was more directed to the possibility of them replacing the regular shotgun with the waterpipe shotgun.

I agree… Keep both weapons but make the modern ones REALLY REALLY rare. Maybe even make it to where u have to HAVE a blueprint to make the modern guns and you can’t just RESEARCH the item

Yes that would work. But sadly Garry may replace the regular shotgun with the waterpipe one.

How are you sure of that blueninja ?

The only reason you really need cloths is to keep yourself warm. That is the only reason cloths are here. Also how the hell did you put a rock up your ass? I simply picked one up off the ground. Also how does none of this make sense? We don’t even know the story behind all this crazy madness. Maybe its like a Aliens vs Predators type scenario. And who said that they are aiming for realistic survival? When you play a fantasy game do you write a letter to the devs and say, your game sucks its not realistic, HELL NO! They were never trying to make it realistic! How about next time before you post think a little instead of just typing.

There should be no modern weapons in the game

The issue for us is that you’re not likely to make a modern shotgun from scratch. So the modern, factory made weapons are only in there as placeholders.

I’m sure we can find a way to justify modern, real weapons, but they’d have to be rare, and ammo would be rare. Helk would be able to expand on this.

Don’t even bother, just focus on the new weapons instead of modern ones

Alright that sounds reasonable but if you were going to make the modern weapons rare, how rare would you make them? Would they be found in factories? Dropped from the plane? Dropped by zombies? Also I think when you spawn in you should have some clothing and a backpack because it makes no sense to just have a giant inventory on you while your naked. Also naked people drop backpacks when they die?

Exactly, just make them really really rare.

OP, you take this game way too seriously. Lay back, relax and enjoy the new shotgun.

I like the idea of having a backpack that you can see your inventory in. This creates a lot of new interactions such as robbing a person and taking everything out of his backpack instead of just killing him.

it looks unrealistic… as opposed to making military grade guns with your BARE hands?

what the fuck? :v:

I am sorry if my grammar wasn’t very good or I don’t know if you just didn’t read it correctly but that’s not what I said.

“why I find replacing the shotgun with a waterpipe shotgun** look to be very unrealistic. **”

whats more realistic, making military grade weapons from scrap metal? or a junkyard shitty shotgun from water pipes?

There are no machines so the only guns you can make are junkyard tier ones from hand, and anything that is machine grade simply cannot be handcrafted.

and it’s not just realism that I’m talking about, it’s also unrealistic to use military grade gear gameplay wise, as well as how well pacing will be balanced in the game.

Realism isn’t that important compared to gameplay imo. Yes it doesn’t make sense that you have an m4 that you craft yourself in a wooden house but that’s beside the point for me at least. I’d rather have a game with fun gameplay like it is right now then have a shitty pre historical Chinese weapon that takes 1 minutes to reload to get one shot, get my point?

Well regardless if you read the entire post you should understand where I am coming from.

I agree that realism shouldn’t be the biggest priority but it needs to make sense. No 1 minute reload time weapons but not fully automatic assault rifles either. I think they hit the sweet spot with the shotgun.