The way of the Warrior

After watching Quentin Tarantino’s “Kill Bill” movies for the thousandth time, it inspired me to make this. So this time I tried my hand at some photoshop effects such as motion blur and a little bit of blood effects.

Oh, and here is a little thread music to go with the screenshot.

That motion blue = EWEWEWEW


Well I can’t seem to get the motion blur correct without having him look like he is just stationary in mid-air. Got tutorials you can point me to?

i think the problem’s more to do with the posing itself. it’s stiff and lacks motion to it, so even if you got the blur fixed, he would still look like he’s just floating in the air.

Hmmm, noted. I tried to make the pose look more smooth and in action by adjusting the guy on the right by moving his legs based on from the point he could have leaped from. I’m really not sure how to make the motion more “fluid” so to speak.