The Way Out (The man comes around revamp)

1080p version[/thumb]


Earlier/uglier version

Fairly quick scene I made, inspired by blitzown’s thread “The Man Comes Around”. All in-game too.

Comments and Criticism are welcome, just a fun pose.

Went back and redid a few things

Duke Nukem is a zombie:




And I aint even mad! Haha, was hoping someone would find him :stuck_out_tongue:

man, Josh really gets screwed over in these zombie apocalypses. this is like the fifth time he’s been tragically forced to suicide this week!

You revamped a picture, it’s improved but still lackluster.

Based on the comments, I’m guessing he’s about to off himself? Looks more like he’s trying to figure out what to buy for dinner.

You added lamps outside, but why did you stop there? The lighting inside the room is so flat, that alone is enough to render this picture uninteresting.

You should give him a facial expression, default is RARELY a good option. Camera angle could also need work, and I would have put more focus on the things telling the story of this picture. Such as the booze, the shotgun and the shell, as well as the zombies and the dudes face!

Good work on prop placement and scene decoration, though. I just needed to give you the needed critique considering you posted this picture in the other guys thread as well making your own thread for it.

It’s like he just remembered there’s zombies.

Yeah I know, like I said it was a quick pose just for fun. Tried to give the guy an idea of what it could look like with more time and effort.

I wanted to show him deep in thought, but that could definitely have been done better. Right after I got to the outside lighting I called it quits and took the picture, I needed to sleep, haha. I kind of liked the camera angle of this one though, not my usual but I felt it fit, the other angles I went for looked a bit stiff and unfitting. I’m sure I could have emphasized the key area’s better with a different angles however.

Definitely could use improving in all the area’s you mentioned. I appreciate the criticism, I’m always looking for ways to improve (hence why I made my own thread). Even though this was just a quick easy pose, still room for improvement in general :smile:

I’m so inspiring! Jokes, but I like it. The angle and lack of facial expression bring it down for me. Otherwise, it’s pretty rad.

I went back and redid a number of things, including the lighting, angle, facial expression, and a few other things. I wasn’t really going for excellence, but this looks far better in my opinion. What do you think?

Now we’re talking man. See how those small differences make such a huge impact on the quality of the full picture?

Deffinitely earned yourself an artistic now ! :wink:

Oh and also, cudos for listening to the critique as well as actually using it!

Should have kept both screenshots up.

Someone should really make a new skin for the picture frame.

I gave your pic a little edit, hope you dont mind :slight_smile:

Now that’s what I was going for. You guys both did phenomonal, I’m really liking that last edit too.

Yeah, getting a second opinion always puts things into a different perspective which really helps. Thanks for taking the time to address the issue’s and weak points, I appreciate all the advice! :smiley: