The weapons don't equip properly I think..?


I will try to explain the situation as detailed as of my ability and try to stay as clear as possible. So basically, I am using the Flow’s Surf game mode files and for some reason, with the surf files, when I equip a weapon in the pointshop, it doesn’t actually give me it in game as if the game mode is trying to only allow the Surf’s built-in weapons (!pistol, !knife, etc…) but like I said, when it comes to pointshop and buying a weapon from that, it appears, none of the weapons are equip-able. (Bare in mind that the pointshop hasn’t got any problems/errors as I use the exact same files for my bhop server). It’s as if the server does not get a notification that the following user has bought/equipped this weapon and it required to be delivered. I was guessing that it might be one of the Server Variables that might have affected and caused this, but I’m not sure which particular variable could have done this.

If I haven’t given enough information for you to help me, please let me know and I will try as much as I can to provide you with the answers to your questions. If it would help you, I would create a little video showing the exact issue. I also apologise for any miss spelling and grammar mistakes that I have made, I’m very tired from working on the server all day trying to find out the issue and a few others.

Thank you for any help.

Flow’s surf gamemode can be found here:

He’s probably stripping non-gamemode weapons somewhere in the code.

oh, alright, do you think I could try and search for “strip” within the gamemode files with C++?

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Here are all of the results for “strip”. If any of them look suspicious for you, let me know and I will provide you with the whole function, the code and the file.

It’s Lua, not C++. And you can do it with Notepad++ or Sublime. How does that look to you?

let me know how the results look to you when you can please :slight_smile:

You can try looking in core.lua and search for PlayerCanPickUpWeapon. Or just look at where strip gets called in core.lua and see if it means anything to you.

Yes, I found it, removing it has fixed the issue, thank you very much!