The weird bug i got:(

So before starting the thread heres my spec,and my addons


Processor: Intel®Core ™ Duo CPU e7500 @ 2.93 GHz 2.94 GHz

RAM: 4gb

System: 64 bit

And i got 1terrabyte storage

the bug itself: Bad sequence (2047 out of 5 max) in GetSequenceLinearMotion() for model ‘Player.mdl’!

What happens? When i join a game, i cant move,access the build menu or any custom menu’s, Example i join darklands,i cant see their hud,cant move or anything. Not even using their custom chat!

Please tell me how to fix this!

Sincerly Kenny2 Aka steam account Kennethgab


Oops forgot my addons:)

Adv duplicator
fueled mod vehicle pack
nuke pack 4
phoenix storms
wire model pack
wire sound list

In my Understanding you have a player model that’s buggy Change your player model. If you cant change Your model in-game, then right click GMod in steam, click Properties , Then click set launch options then add this -autoconfig this will reset GMod to The default settings,launch Gmod change your player model to one that IS NOT buggy and then take the “-autoconfig” out of the launch options. HOPE THIS HELPED :smiley:

Did not work,this only happens in multiplayer,i think script enforce has somthing to do with it

How about you try cleaning your gmod?

Re-Install but before that do you have it set on don’t download any custom files? If so make it so you download everything.

Deleted each files in gmod folder except my addons,data and map


Didnt reinstall yet but i will try,yeh i got it set

The bug is fixed,i had to many derma skins