The weird Zent's gmod build

Hello. Today is going to be a very unusual post. In it, I’m going to tell you about a strange version we found a couple of days ago. But I’ll tell it in order.
Back in 2006 when our family didn’t have enough money and I was too young to buy games, my brother and I used to pirate games. Then we downloaded everything in a row, looking for a good and working version, we didn’t know about viruses, which we paid for later. Soon, because of those viruses, our hard drives had to be thrown away. But my brother was smarter than me, he decided to save all the games on disk beforehand, it was kind of analog of flash drive.
And now, when I was 22, my brother left me, but I still have my CD, so I decided, just for fun, to play those same games of my childhood. And at first I stumbled upon some familiar games, until I found a strange archive called gmod9 by zent. And firstly, as I realized, this archive won’t run without the licensed half-life 2, and secondly, I don’t even remember that anyone of us downloaded garry’s mod. The name zent itself was vaguely familiar to me, as if I heard it somewhere else, but can not remember where. And so, after two hours I decided to run it. And the most interesting thing, although it had no noticeable changes, gm_construct was changed, and instead of the name of the creator of the map, which is garry newman, was written simply HIS.
I decided to run this map, and at first, it looked like a blank gm_construct, with poor lighting. Well, I walked around the map for a couple of minutes, found nothing interesting, then I left the game, but I was curious to know who its author, so I started looking for information.
So, if you just google his name-nothing you will find except an unconfigured steam profile, but I doubt it’s him. And I was looking for information so for weeks, until on one of the forms did not bump into a Coordinal, who told me he knew Zent, and to prove that he is know him he sent that same map. He told me that Zent was a good programmist who was in a bad situation. I asked him what kind of situation he was in, and he said he didn’t really know what situation he was in, because he’d heard it from someone he knew. He also had saved screenshots from some gmod forum, which I had not even heard about until that day. And he also had his videos, which he is restoring to this day. I think I could talk him into putting them on youtube. And that’s where the weirdness started. In some parts of his videos I could see hidden messages that told me about some kind of cult. In addition, in that version I always felt as if someone was watching me, although as I realized for gmod this is a normal phenomenon. And that’s not all the weirdness that happened to me. When I once again wrote to the forums and asked about the cult, I received a strange message. Here it is:
“You probably have no idea what you’re getting yourself into. I’m not going to tell you to stop digging, because I know very well that people like you can’t be stopped, and this message will probably fuel your interest in this situation. Well, if that’s the case, I suggest you play a game, if you agree, just reply to this letter.”
I’m not a horror movie protagonist, sorry, but I learned from The SAW that replying to a message like that is not going to end well. But, despite the fact that I threw him on the blacklist, he started to write Coordinal, but instead of an offer to play, he sent him a bsp file called altstruct.bsp. It’s essentially the same construct as the version, but a bit modernized. Here I do not know what to do with it, I think you can try to put the workshop through someone else, but myself, frankly speaking, scared. However, I doubt that the one who wrote to me is a member of that “mYsTicAl” cult, probably just a troll who also knows about this version. I’ll post the version too, look it up for yourself. That’s all I have to say about that version for now, I’ll update this post if new information emerges, so thanks for reading, bye!
And yea, here is link for
That GMOD: gmod9(byZent13)
And Coordinal (Where will the videos be released): Coordinal - YouTube