The weirdest thing

Ok so Playing Gmod on my netbook as usual, just a temp fix people, new pc on the way, relax. Anyway, I let it install tf2 even though I cannot play it on here, for the props. THE SECOND I DROP A TF2 PROP, bsod. Its so bizarre. TF2 bsods my netbook to, but I didnt think the props would on Gmod. So bizarre. Is there a fix for that? Or is my fix to steer from tf2 props?

Edit: I do not believe it to be a prob with Gmod as I was fine before I used tf2 props. And I have intels latest shitset drivers.

Ahahahaha Netbook.

thats your problem

I have an Acer netbook and I have tried to run games and lets just say I have had to restore my computer to factory default 3 times because of games. So I suggest uninstalling those games and hope you still have a working computer.