The Weld Tool

Seriously, Why cant we have a solid weld tool, With the current one its like everything is held toogether by a flimsy sheet of metal or something. Another thing is unfreezing a large contraption to see it spaz the hell out. Please get a solid weld tool.

Source limitations. Best you can do is a super parent, which is parenting, and adding a kind of artificial collision.

Someone made a super-weld tool but I can’t remember who did. I don’t have the addon anymore either, sorry.

Smart Weld Tool (which basically welds everything to everything) does a pretty solid job.

Ahahhahaha. No.

Smart Weld, and any other weld that welds for you sucks, because all they do is weld every prop together leading to a laggy spazzy piece of shit. Weld isn’t perfect, it gets a bit flimsy, but if you set the weights right, (Weld light things to heavy things) it’s perfectly stable. I’d love for a perfect weld tool, but it’s just not gonna happen.

If I ever find that super weld tool, I’ll upload 'er to and you can all see how good it was.