The Welder

I’ll be very surprised if anyone gets this one.

The colors are neat but good lord that sharpening is a bit much

I personally like the sharpening. Gives an artistic look imo.

I don’t know what’s happening, but I love how the scene’s elements get larger than life from right to left, even including the gun.

Thank you! I wanted it to be very disproportionate and peculiar, since it’s based on a rather… off-looking sprite game. It’s basically based on Yahtzee Croshaw’s unintentionally hilarious and also rather eerie 7 Days a Skeptic adventure game, specifically this bit, when the main baddie, a big frankenstein mutant in a welding mask with a machete, starts chasing you around and all you can do to stop him is zap him with a stungun to hold him off, alá Clock Tower.

I like the lighting and composition but your way of post-processing I always found kind of weird and unappealing to me. The lens dirt effects and embers you use in every pose generally look pretty duped and flat but maybe it’s because I’ve actually seen and used the texture plains you are using myself.

Either way I think this pose would’ve looked better without the embers and lens dirt; When it comes to the embers they all look really faded out and it isn’t exactly clear from the lighting that something is on fire, and with the lens dirt/flare/sunspots I think they just clutter the edges of the scene up un-needlessly I find generally that they look better when a light source is directly in view (ie the sun or a light).

And the way the entire background has some hardcore grey highlights going on really doesn’t look great. I get that you were trying to convey a bigger focus on the foreground but i feel like that could’ve been achieved through lighting and blur means. The way you’ve also blurred the details as if using the oil paint filter in photoshop but sharpened it at the same time also in my opinion looks weird; like the outlines look nice and crisp but the rest of the details themselves don’t but I guess that’s personal taste.

There’s also this weird outline going on in some areas that just reminds me of fog/volumetric lighting fucking with AO that doesn’t look too fly either; I mean I guess you were trying to go for a outline to make things stand out more but the dark brush outline on the edges of things contrasted with the light shade of red/green in the background doesn’t look good.

On the right side (his left) of the guys arm and mask.[/t]

On the muzzlebreak/end of the gun.

On a posing aspect the posing on the Welder/Killer looks good but with the guy with gun I can’t help but think holding a gun that big like a pistol looks odd.

Yeah. I think after my Family of Death poster I’m done with the lens effects I normally do for now. It’s basically just become one-two with those and I knew I was overusing them but not having something visually ‘noisy’ in my images always annoys me. It’s why I usually ramp up the grain or RGB noise. It might be subconscious, since I can’t see details beyond about three feet and when I can I love to analyze detail in depth.

Yeah, I’ll agree to that.

I didn’t actually do anything to the background, but I see what you mean with the grey highlighting. It’s a side-effect of the sharpening process, again something I took way too far. The extreme background blur is because of the high DOF aperture I used-- I wanted the foreground to be blurred because frankly the model I used for the dude was kinda bad and I couldn’t find a good grey jumpsuit or spacesuit model quickly enough for me to still have the motivation to make this.

It’s the Fallout 4 Institute pistol, that’s genuinely the scale it comes in in FO4, but I wanted something clunky that didn’t really look like a gun, since the original game has it as a stun-gun, and the main character is [sp]pretending to be[/sp] a psychologist/counsellor, with no firearms experience. I didn’t want to convey it with awkward posing because it would probably just look like shite posing.

Here’s a version with tweaks to make it less annoying.

This was really one of those spur-of-the-moment kinda images, where you just have the idea and if you can’t make it roll quickly then you drop it for something more juicy. I was very proud of the lighting setup and the way I captured the ominous-ness of this image, hence why I posted it rather than leaving it in my archive with all the other unposted images I make.

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The more I look at the original the more I realize I didn’t need to do my standard quasi-VHS distortion process that I normally do-- really all I needed to do was up the contrast and do some curve work. Dang.

Looks a lot better and I find has a more horror/thriller vibe than an action vibe without all those effects, I do actually remember that yahtzee game it’s interesting to see such an obscure concept/ip explored.

I’ve never actually played the game myself, I’ve just been using Yahtzee and Gabe’s ‘Drown Out’ series to try and sleep lately ever since the norovirus threw my sleep pattern off. I couldn’t get this scene (or the MIDI remix of Black Celebration) out of my head since it’s such a claustrophobic little scenario, so I figured I’d do it justice.