The West (Big Image)

Just did something with Gmod so I thought of uploading here, and since the image is a bit big use Ctrl+Mouse Wheel to make it smaller

nice vector job – doesn’t look like garry’s mod

It’s Nick! Cool pic, man!

Original? Looks pretty awesome.

Original. Well done.

That’s really cool :buddy:

Holy shit, this is awesome.

I like this, you should make some more. :buddy:

Looks like a badass Quentin Tarantino movie intro.


Its funny that although I already knew I wasnt going to use the set I still chose one that matched the theme

Fucking badass I must say now that I see the original.

Very nice editing, it would be better if you add a revolver.
But in overall, :siren:AMAZING:siren:
It’s like a movie poster.


That’s amazing.

holy shit man, thats really cool

This is awesome. I’m a sucker for any Wild West stuff.


I actually fooled a friend into thinking this was a movie poster.

This is pretty sweet. :v:

great job.