The Whimsical Adventures Of Vlad And Oleg: Pilot Episode

I had this in my head a while now

should I continue this as a series?


Yes, I say continue

Best comic for now here :smiley:

“Activate stealth mode”

yes, definitely continue. it was an entertaining read :v:

Can I have a background of minigun bear?
pweese Xanatoast


pfft hahah keep it going!

“We fucked with the wrong bear”
I shat my pants laughing

Yes continue.

These most whimsical of quests must carry on, for the greater glory of the motherland.

i really liked vlad dramatic expression also oleg’s flat one.CARRY ON!

This shit is genius.

Ahaha, god yes! Continue!

Where do I put a coin for continue?

In my bank account

Don’t worry, Episode 2 is under construction and will arrive either later today or tommorrow