The White Fear

posing is cool, models are awesome too. good job m7

cheers m6 <3

Based off of something perhaps…?

It’s not based off of anything… Did it remind you of something?

Sort of reminds me of the Giver novel and those other “What if” books about messed up “Utopian” societies or something like that.

Well it was supposed to be just Gulag prisoners escaping and being executed in a beautiful forest… But I’m glad you got something different out of it :slight_smile:

Excellent posing however the lighting is really bad.

The guy on the right holding the gun doesn’t look very good, but, the rest of it is really impressive!

Usually I use lamps/lights in-game for the lighting… I complete forgot this time 'round.

Some of the posing looks off, and the lighting isn’t very good, but other than that it’s nice.

You should gave it a lamp or two for a better lightning, Source default shadows are pretty shit. Besiding that, nice work over there.

I would avoid using ragdolls with the hl2 citizen faces. Personally I feel like they ruin the feel of the pic because they are so recognizable.