The Wikipedia Killer Part 1

I decided to take a break from my regular comic and I spent the past few days making this. Comments and criticisms always appreciated!

Direct link if the image doesn’t show up.

well presented, Funny and a good storyline you should definitley keep this up.

I saw it coming with the panter… a well served story, nevertheless. :slight_smile:

This is awesome, I love the cheesy narrative and moody editing. This comic is goin’ places boy. BIG places.

Thanks for the compliments guys…part 2 if forthcoming but it might be awhile; the film noir look takes forever

And yes, the “reflection” in frame 5 is in fact Niko Bellic bitchslapping Kermit the Frog

Likin’ the style.

Sin City style I like that.

The killer was Will Smith (aka Justice Pegance) Why? because he wanted to be the only celebrity.


Lol’d at the obvious Bon Jovi reference.


Maybe I shouldn’t give up all hope on the comics section.

Well done. I’ll actually keep an eye out for it. I’m loving the humor interjected whilst keeping it serious. :v: