The Wilds True Survival Server

A True Survival Server

The Wilds is a rust server designed to give players a balanced and rewarding Rust experience. Here is an outline of the changes made to the games loot and crafting lists.

The aim of these changes is to create a slower pace of action and a balance of power. On a vanilla rust server players can acquire full sets of Kevlar, fully automatic weapons, and piles of C4 within hours. This is currently breaking the game and especially causing grief for new players or players just starting on a new server.

Weapons and ammunition are not craft-able. The only craft-able munitions are home made shotguns and shells. Other weapons can be found in air drops, loot boxes, and from AI kills. Kevlar and Anti-Radiation suits are uncraft-able as well. Explosives/Charges are still craft-able but the recipe has been modified as to prevent easy stockpiling of C4. Explosives/Charges must also be learned from a Blueprint! Research kits are ineffective when used on explosive equipment.

Weapons and ammo being so scarce and uncraft-able will force players to consider the value of pulling the trigger… hopefully saving a few bald nekked men from an untimely doom. C4 must remain craftable to keep players from being 100% safe. Consider this: if C4 is ONLY available as a rare drop and can not be crafted, anyone with 5 doors of protection is probably never getting raided. This is weak and breaks the game. At no point in this game should you feel completely safe. Base location and design will become more strategically important than sheer mass.

Press f1 to open console

I really enjoy playing on this server! I feel this is the way rust should be, realistic, raw survival. No mass production of high end items while the new guys struggle, keeps it balanced with a helpful community to boot!

This is one of the best servers i have joined and everyone is friendly and has the best admin

In just 5 days the server has around 50 unique players, an average of 10 online at once, and wonderful feedback from the population. Plenty of new players and helpful veterans.