The Wind-Down

I wanted to try out the Enhanced Cits and BiA weapons, but couldn’t decide on a map. So, for the first time, I checked Toybox out; there were a few contenders, including this rather interesting-sounding map called Suo. I loaded it up, and instantly had to pick my jaw up off the floor.

After several minutes of one-handed exploring, I found this room. I knew immediately what I had to do.

I think my playing with shadow colour balance may have made it a little too dark, but oh well.

Ilwrath no longer makes my favorite screenshots on here. Bravo <3

Like the mood of it all. Very casual and relaxed.

This is very deep and seems to have a lot of feeling to it

ok give the original to me ross


Look classic theme.

And then a Strider smashes through the roof. I love this, very different to all the “Kill this” “Shoot that” stuff ya see lately. Great Ross

I made your favorite screenshots at some point?

Quite nice though, could just use some a bit more distinguished light sources, maybe, less global light.

Very nice. Superbly atmospheric. Amazing prop placement.

I like the introduction as much as the picture, and I like the picture.

Indeed. Most of your works are my favorites on here.