''The winds blew humid this summer. The winter is sure to be harsh''. The Elder lizard speaks.

well if he’s so wise why can’t he sort out that horrible crick in his back

Boneitis: 1
Wisdom: 0

It’s an awesome picture. The only thing I don’t like is how plain and boring the mountains behind them look.

This is actually a thing that really rustles my jimmies. I just couldn’t figure out a way to make the mountains more interesting.

middle-eastern style mud houses?

Is there even a model for that?

Oh my god, fantastic! The picture is atmospheric, posing is flawless, and the thing that really makes my jimmies go boom, is how awesome the grass looks!

Actually, that’s how mountains actually look in Pakistan, Chechnya and Mongolia, in that regard.

Exellent posing, lovely picture Radley!

eh, i feel like you could have had a bit more something in the background to add depth. now it looks like the hill/mountain is really close to them and it looks sort of awkward

That ain’t Jel, you better not be trying to trick me Radley.

Is that pic from Gmod?

No, it was made using a toaster.



we need more of those pics. looks really good!


I love the posing and the detail the grass adds!

Any chance for a higher resolution, because I want this beauty on my desktop, great work!

I might be able to magically conjure one tomorrow.
What kind of resolutions are we talking?