The Wire Nightclub - Garry's Mod Map

These are WIP screenshots of my map: gm_wireclub
Please post constructive criticism as it will improve the overall quality of the map.

Main Entrance from Lobby[/t]

Lobby hall to dancefloor


Bad screenshot of the VIP room

The DJ!

Thanks Mr. Sunabouzu for the models and textures
Steam made the screenshots really dark, please take this into account.

Gives that vibe of Maisonette 9 from GTA EFLC. Lookin’ good!

Here is the club song that plays. :slight_smile:

Cute. I like it.

Any suggestions?

Lighting could use more work

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Why is the club called “Wire”?

Ooh, that song is awesome!

The real nightclub I go to sometimes in LA is called WIRE.

this is great for posing hunterdnrc’s hotline miami models

Any progress on this, Garrison?

I saw this in the addons list for Gmod, I’ll give it a shot!