The witch is hugging an S.A.S.

Thread music:

Hope the music fit for this picture and no i don’t have Left 4 Dead

he’s dead

The zombies are happy today:

Her nails are probably cutting though his back

Then Grigori pops out and shoots her.

“Whoa Brother. You must be more wary. You must not fall for the caress of the demon.”



it’s friendly zombie day!

Zombies have feelings too. Just ignore the rigor mortis and you should be back on track.

This reminds me of the time in FEAR where you get raped by the girl…

Rigor Mortis, is that a name or something?

Any comment if the music fit in for the picture?


Also, the witch must have pretty big arms to hug the whole of the Special Air Service.

Your body goes stiff after abit when your dead.


Stop spamming “:smug:” in every thread you possibly can. It’s simply not funny any more.


ololol its so funny
just kidding


Okay, seriously though, I like the picture. I always figured that the Witch just needed some affection. :v:

…well… whenever she wasn’t charging right for you, claws brandished as she attempted to insta-kill you…

I think what makes it funnier is the fact that it’s an SAS soldier she’s doing it to, and he’d no doubt be wondering what the hell was going on.