The Witcher 2 - Prop Pack #1


*(Devil Nick and Illusive Man not included)

It’s basically a prop pack with lots of rocks and a bit foliage stuff.
Perfect for Nature Scenebuilds.
This is my first model pack. So if you find any bugs, let me know.


Install Instructions:

put the “models” & “materials” folder right in the main
GMod folder = “Steam/Steamapps/user/garrysmod/garrysmod/”
Content is right in: “/models/foliage/”

Special Thanks to:
oogaboogaman, Ninja Nub, Squiddy and Gnin
for help, tipps and patience.

Prop Pack #2 on it’s way.

great shit

well, i officially love you for this…

Awesome. :smiley:

Sweet. The different skybox sized props are especially nice.

Fantastic stuff, man.

Awesome, never enough scene building stuff.
Only gripe is that they aren’t models, but that’s a personal complaint.

Aaaa… The Witcher 2. Good job.

Holy merry christmas, these models are fantastic.
Mind if I add this pack to mine scenebuild stuff thread?

These will be fun to use, nice work!

Good release, I’m working on Geralt of Rivia model now.

Please, go ahead!

can i still these? the links are broken

The links are broken. Is there anyway you can repost them?

Ask here

Is there anyway you can message him and not bump a year old thread?

yeah i’m sorry about that. i had to remove some files from my hdd because of
disk space. unfortunately that was before i knew that removing files from my
hdd meant also removing files from the dropbox itself. it’s kinda semi upload, if you
get what i mean.
i think i just saw someone in deed posted the link in the missing models thread.