The Wolf Among Us character porting

Well I just liked to know if someone plans on porting The Wolf Among Us characters, because I plan into doing it myself, just asking so I don’t end up wasting my time.
PS.: Also anyone know how to make cell shading, for it to look more like the game?

I’d very much like someone to port Jersey Devil’s full-form model, I have plans for him.

I plan on porting the main characters first (Bigby, Snow, etc) but I may do him if I get to rip his model or find it around.

For cel-shading you’d need to make a lightwarp texture. I’ll most likely continue my work on Bigby Wolf, but other than that I have no other plans, so if you’d like to do 'em, go ahead. I’m planning on making a lightwarp for 'em, so I can give you that one once I’ve perfected it if you want to have them with a unified look.

I was planing to port them to gmod and all bigby werewolf transformations (except the full giant wolf), and I would really appreciate that lightwarp, and when I said “cell shading” I meant that lines that makes the model look like it was “drawn”.

Oh that. Well, that’s a little bit of work. Basically, if you’re using RTB’s maxscript to import it, it should import the lines on a separate model. You’ll then need to use something like face extrude on that model to make it slightly larger than the original model, export the rigging, collapse it, reimport the rigging, and then export it to avoid screwing up the UVing. Then, you’ll need to modify the lines texture to make it transparent, and set it to use that transparancy in the VMT.

The reason you can’t just use it as a detail texture like I would’ve wanted is because the some of the models, like Bigby Wolf use a separate UV channel for the lines. Which means it looks all kinds of wrong on the model if you try to just slap it on as a detail. I’ve been trying to figure out other ways of doing it though since the Eggblimp and some of the other Sonic Unleashed models use 2 normal map UV channels.

I thought that source had an VMT code for the lines, well I’ll see what I can do.
Also I’m just using the model one guy ripped already, was going to rig the thing myself.

AFAIK, for example, BIgby’s lines, are just squished together into a single texture. So, for example, you could just photoshop the lines out and refit them to the textures of the hand for example over top the original hand texture. Save it as a copy and you could skingroup the lined or non-lined texture.

Easier said than done. The UV mapping seemingly doesn’t match at all in places, you’d be hard pressed to fix it manually in photoshop or something. Allow me to show you what I mean.

That’s Bigby’s head and hair texture respectively. Now for the lines, they’re compressed on to one single image:

Good luck trying to figure out what lines go where. Some are obvious like the face and neckline, but the other parts are harder to find, if they even match at all. Looks like the UVs are similar but not quite so you’d have to squish and skew the lines to get 'em to match.

I had grabbed the lady detective from someone’s XNALARA port so I could use the body as a female agent outfit, but I’ve tried to make it not look cell shaded… does that count?

I thought that that some of the lines were on the diffuse texture already, like in borderlands, this will complicate things.

Newp, lines are seperate textures.

the lines arent complicated, its easy to apply them to the diffuse in photoshop.

Teach me. As I said above the lines don’t quite match up due to the separate UV layers. If it’s actually that easy I’ll have to redo it since I didn’t think it was possible to just slap on the lines.

could i have the files for the lines and diffuse?

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also if you think i can rearrange them i cant lmao

It’s really not that complicated. IT’s just a puzzle. The lines are correct, you just have to find out where they go and refit. THey’re in the same basic shapes as they are on the diffuse. You just have to take time.

Still a pretty kick-on-the-balls work