"The Wolf" - Man howling.


another drop of dung from me…likely S-H-I-T

What… the fuck?

It’s so dark I can barely see anything and yet I can make out that the guy is indoors and you just pasted on a photograph of the moon.

Why would you post it if its shit.

This and also Death, don’t drop down again in the dumpster, you were getting better now it’s falling.

dude, can i have an original, i will make it more… um… fitting.

there really is nothing to see but the moon here…


it’s death bucket,questioning him would be like questioning the moron who invented the dvd rewinder…

But I love the dvd rewinder, it does the job for me.

Way to dark, the guy looks like he’s singing to the moon, it’s posed next to a wall, and you didn’t even try with the moon (you could have alpha’d out the black so it left just the moon).

Pretty much this too. You were doing a hell of a lot better.

This is an interesting amount of black pixels.

wolf pls go

Why would you bump this crap?