The Wonders of Garry's Mod Roleplay

I will attempt to document my experiences with Garry’s Mod Roleplay, starting here, on the server ‘||VM|| Vent Mob [Semi Serious]
I arrive in EvoCity, Land of Opportunities.
There is only one car on the road, a very beat-up looking one at that.
I decide to explore the town and head down the street, on the way another two people in beat-up cars drive past me. They are exactly the same make and model.
A man in a volvo crashes into a wall. I try to ignore it, lest it spoil my experience in this wonderful town.

I walk down the street and there is a golf GTI parked half on the curb, a man jumps off of the roof of it and runs away, towards the gas station.
Two men stand in front of the post office, talking.
One of them runs away and hops over a fence in the process.
A man is running a store inside the post office. The mayor walks past me.
A nearby citizen remarks at this.

[D&D] Domcoppinger: OMG!
[D&D] Domcoppinger: Cake is mayor?!?

I enter the post office store.

Ryx Euclie: Sir!
Ryx Euclie: What goods do you sell?

The man hops up onto a desk and opens his mouth to speak, but I hear 6 gunshots and take cover, then run for my life.
I find a dead body on the road. It disappears without a trace.
There is a truck parked halfway on the curb on the side of this building.
A man exits his Golf GTI, apparently via the sunroof as he exits onto the roof itself, and heads towards the police department. He is subsequently knocked out via police stun baton. Another man immediately attempts to hijack his car, checking the doors to see if it is unlocked.

Two men are speaking nearby, I hear one of them say '“It’s okay”. Perhaps a dispute of some kind? He immediately screams “FAG COPS!” when a police officer passes by, and he runs over and takes a swing at the man.

The police officer whacks him over the head multiple times with a stun baton.
I am too busy watching the local townspeople to realize the aforementioned truck parked halfway over a curb backing up onto my face.
It kills me.

I arrive in EvoCity, Land of Opportunities.

Nice one! Keep joining different servers and please document everything as well!

Oh hey, that’s my server.
Unfortunately, that’s only an atypical experience in that no one tried to mug you.

I played yesterday and got a nice little cottage going with a TV and a wardrobe and then some terrorists broke into my house and started punching me in the face.

Please remove the lockpicks or make it more difficult, or something.

I was trying. to use commands and got demoted from mayor because I did not know the arrest command.