The Wooden "Mansion" (WIP)

It’s not really a “contraption”, but I don’t know where else to put this.

I just made a “mansion” or house if you prefer… I’m still working on it, as you can see by the roof. It will have everything any normal house in real life has.


  • Working lights (of course)
  • Working Radio (It might not work, so just put your own sound emitter binded to ‘enter’ if you want it to work.)
  • It’s made out of wood! (for all you physics destruction fans :wink:)
  • Chairs that you can sit in (you may need to replace them)
  • It’s on top of a hill! (meaning you get a nice view)
  • It also has a working fireplace (activated by the newspaper!)

A few pictures:

And then a video:

Comments, good or bad, are welcome.

Btw, does anyone else see the screenshots half loaded?

The gaps and seams are glaringly obvious. The PHX spam is also hard on the eyes, but forgivable.

I know, those gaps are soo annoying. It’s whenever I use easy weld, It makes gaps like that.


Nice “Mansion”.


I guess I’m gonna have to restart if I use that … :ohdear:

Get the latest phx. You won’t have to download the above then, because it’s included.
This is okay though, Except for the gaps it seems like a mediocre contraption. No great stuff though.

I have the latest phx, i just never noticed that tool…

And if anybody wants to, but surely noone will, can you post any improvements I should do, other then the gaps?

I’ll make a garage, add a nice path, some foliage, and try to finish THE GODDAMN ROOF! xD