The working SB2 mining addon

Ok the original SB2 mining mod is still on svn here -

The below info and pics are the ESN Mining Mod NOT THE original SB2 Mining Mod!. Compatible with LS/RD2 and wtib tiberium mod
Currently the only map spawns is to SB_Gooniverse, Im working on a map checking spawn file for this.

What the ESN Mining Mod has:

Ice miners at 2 levels
Ore Miners at 2 levels
Tiberium asteroid miner
Core miner
Tiberium Harvester (same as the tib asteroid miner but made for land)
Strip Miner (Mines everything - admin miner basically)

Processing refineries for ice and ore
Storage caches in 4 sizes, small, medium, large, and hull (Huge)

Refinery storage
mini miners (requires my 12V systems or oil mod2. I will include a 12V converter and storage cell to this mod later)

The mod mines and refines various ices and ores for use in LS2
Currently this is only for SB/LS/RD version 2. I am not converting this for SB/LS/RD version 3, instead this will be included in SB/LS/RD version 4.

You will be required to have SBEP to see the models.

Here are some images from the beta testing on my server. You can try it yourself at -
Be sure you have all the common SB addons, wtib tiberium mod, and stargate, otherwise you will be downloading alot of files from my server…

The basic entities.

A simple mining device (This ones mining tiberium from a red tiberium asteroid…)

The miners emit diffetent colored beams:
Ice - white
Ore - Red
Tiberium - Green

Ore Miners mine different resources per type at different intervals.

Some ice and ore asteroids. (Ice asteroids are independent per resource, Ore asteroids hole all ore resources at random)

Some more asteroids

Land tiberium node

Land ore mine

The plan for the future:

No releases on Facepunch EVER of any ESN addons!

Does it work with LS3?

nope not yet.
conversions comming soon tho.

Can’t wait. :stuck_out_tongue:

may be a little while, I have to figure out the CAF stuff… bleh

Where can I get SB3? Can’t find it anywhere.


I do believe you just gave me some inspiration, good sir.

I been trying to get the SB3 version of this addon working but i have no idea how to do it. My hold up is making asteroids have a specific resource and a label tag. I can uses the same basis that the tiberium mod uses to siphon resources instead of cutting the asteroid up.

This looks pretty cool. Cant wait for a v3 conversion.

Looks a ton like Oolite mining to me.

yeah its pretty self explanatory right now, find asteroids, laser cuts them into resources, the collector sucks them up…

bump for new info in OP