The workshop item I uploaded is different from my original creation

I built a car with a steering system, I modified the weight of every object on it to make the handling as realistic as possible.
Then I uploaded it on the workshop and downloaded it to see how it was and the handling was completely messed up!
And then again, if I duplicate the downloaded version and paste it, it’s different from the main model (the first one I made) and the one I uploaded to the workshop…

The main differences I noticed are:

  • the weight of some items change randomly.
  • the elastic is maybe changing its strength (there is no way to measure this so I’m not sure)
  • Thrusters changing their force
  • Items that had been set as “no collide” are now colliding again

I guess the duplicator right now isn’t working really well.

How do I make the duplication/workshop upload more reliable??

Don’t use the in-game duplicator? Try Ad2 for anything that is “complex”

Thanks a lot!
Do you know if it works with the workshop and with the dupe in-game menu?

Have a nice day/night

No it doesn’t work with workshop.

Is the weight tool compatible with the duplicator? Tools need to be compatible, it doesn’t ‘just work’.