The world does not belong to humans anymore

I bet there are already a ton of threads what ppl would like to see later in game development and I am sure that a lot of players don’t want what I want from it.

But here is my wish for this game. I’d love to see a game in which the humans are on the bottom of the foodchain right above rats and pigs and miles under all the wicked creatures the radiation might transform normal animals into. There should be bearlike acid-spitting squirrels (just kidding! but rodents are known to handle radiation better then others) who could withstand 5 men geared up for a small war and humans should have to struggle to build secure areas.

I have to admit that I am heavily influenced by Metro 2033 (books and games) and I have totally fallen in love with the dark and cramped existence humanity is forced to endure. A world in which tough-as-nails stalkers go out to secure fragments of the old days and never return because they have been ripped to shreads by things like this little birdie…bat…whatever

or disembowled by a real ugly gorilla

So thanks for reading

Such a terrible idea. You kids with your half life two creatures and your mythological requests. This is a human on human survival in the wilderness game. Go play natural selection 2 if you want aliens. Please quit with the unrealistic monsters ideas. It won’t happen. Grow up, there is only room for additional wildlife, not dinosaurs, not minotaurs, not predators with shoulder mounted plasma cannons. Seriously, go play the hundreds of other games that are designed around those concepts. This game is not one of them.

Did Garry told you all of this? This game had zombies which are now replaced with red wolves and bears which drop backpacks you think that’s real? I seriously doubt that Garry ever said he wanted rust to have only real animals as npcs and nothing else. Correct me if I’m mistaken please.

If you look at the trello page it shows mutant chickens… So I would venture a guess that some of the OP’s ideas aren’t terribly far off from what we could see in the future.

Who knows… Thats why the game is in alpha and we can speculate all we want on what could be next.

Unless Donutdouche is on the Dev team I’d say he needs to STFU.

Pretty sure that the path Garry is taking doesn’t involve following in the footsteps of an alien fps. Mutated wolves dropping gear is way more believable than aliens with vagina shaped mouths walking the terrain trying to kill everyone they see. You guys are in fantasy land right now.

Have you not seen the concept art? Chickens with gaping vagina-teeth mouths are exactly what they have in mind.

Still better then dinos.

I agree with the OP… imagine running through the woods at dusk and seeing one of those beasties running after you… I’d poop.

[Edit] I was asking about the concept art but never mind I found it^^"