The World in a microcosm.

Rust could be seen as a microcosm of Earth.
Violence begets violence.

Can’t we be friendly towards each other?

Yes, I know it would make for a boring game. There is a lot of anger in the forums and I am beginning to see parallels between Rust world and our World. I have played many games over the years and this game has really grabbed my interest. The way you can talk to and interact with strangers and the sandboxiness of it does help create a sense of reality.

I am enjoying Rust a hell of a lot (I have a growing number of players in my posse) and look forward to the evolution of the game.

I disagree with this statement, had a debate with my dad (who is one of those “prepper” type people) over it.

A game…is just a game. You’ll never get accurate representations of human behavior because there’s no consequence or moral dilemma when you kill someone or get killed yourself.
You just respawn, get more gear, and do it all over again.

Why do people resort to violence? Some to vent frustration, others simply because *there’s nothing else in-game to do.
Actually something that I would feel be interesting is to have a game where every single server uses perma-death.
I.e. death would be entirely meaningful, people might actually feel guilt for getting someone banned from the game.
Of course this would be more of a simulation than a game, and thus shouldn’t apply.