The world of pokemon project

Hey all.
Recently, I began mapping pallet town, from pokemon, and decided to attempt somthing HUGE!
With the help of literally anyone who can decently map, I’ve decided to start the “world of pokemon project”.
Which is basically mapping the entire world of pokemon. Every town of every region, with maybe a segment of the routes connecting them. Also, Npcs, models, wild pokemon npcs, decals. EVERYTHING!
Why am I rambling on FP? Because Facepunch is a HUGE forum, and I need ALL the help I can get.
I’m not even sure this is a 100% thing, but I do plan on at least getting the 4 hometowns in. So converse here, and we can decide this thing as a group.

But no screenshots?


Have you considered the size of the towns in relation to the map?

I hope you understand that you couldn’t do the entire region in one map, you could probably only put one town or city in a map.

Good luck?

There is a Pokemon texture/model pack out there somewhere that could be useful. I’ll look for it.

Okay, here they are:
Hope I helped.

I saw this really nice Pallet Town map for L4D2 survival and I played it. It was epic. It’s be nice to see something like that was very accurate to the games.

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That’s definitely the most useful thing posted the entire thread. I having once been a big Pokemon fan (My first ever video game was Pokemon Red on the Game Boy) support this, mostly for the nostalgia.

Use info_landmarks to stitch together a full map

Yeah, but how often would we place them, at the end of every route and town? That sounds like the only practical approach.

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And I say we start with Kanto, most of the time the areas are smaller than in later regions.

Ok, guys, It would be about 3 towns per map (they will be in proportion to the nintendo games)

If they were proportionate to the actual games then I’d recommend doing each town and route individually. Your character is pretty small compared to the Towns and Cities, especially in later games.

Just play PoKéMon alot, so you’ll get the data, and then you can make the ways to the town too.
All we need is a game-mode, which makes it 3rd person, from above, and make it, that roofs dissapear when you are in the house. Make the roofs func_brush, and triggers for the remove-function :3

I could tell by the thread title that this would be another no-content thread.

and likely will be until the OP realizes there is a real amount of work involved in even a boiled down version of this.

If this is even slightly detailed doing even one region would take a shitload of time to make as maps.

yeah, read the OP, i said pallet town for sure but just maybe the rest

Hell I’m a die hard Pokemon fan, I’d help out if you can map well and actually know about the Kanto Region.

who’d a thunk it?

I have a shadowless Charizard, you know it mother fucker :smug: