"The World Will Rise Again" Role-Play Community

Expected to come out mid 2011!
TWWRA is a new role-play using the Severance/Nexus script created by kuropixel.
We have already begun to edit it to make it into our own worlds role-play script, still giving credit to those who created that fine script.

Along with all that going on, we are in need of writers, modelers, scriptwriters, and of course, that beautiful thing all community’s need, simply members!

If you would like to help, please add S. Tompkins, the creator of TWWRA, or add one of his co-leaders, Aeronus/F. Taggart. We also would like everyone to start signing up on the forums ASAP!

-----------Sorry if this is in the wrong area---------

Anyways, we plan on having our script and everything ready by just the end of october or even sooner, but the reason for the release date is because of a server, seeing as most people don’t want to donate a server unless they become ‘Ultra highlord of who gives a fuck’, we can’t start as soon as we like, and our own members have to man life things going on in order to do anything for a server…

The Website ::: http://twwra.freeforums.org/index.php
Steam Group ::: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/TWWRA

TWWRA is inspired by :
Necropolis Role-Play
Resident Evil (Series)
Highschool of the Dead
Zombieland (movie)

^ Those inspirations all have different things we may be using in our story as a type of bone, with some variations added of course! ^

Writers :
S. Tompkins

Scripters :
S. Tompkins

Modelers :

Mappers :

Admins :
S. Tompkins // Dazaris
F. Taggart // ->L.o.L<-

Side note : Yes, I know this is server Advertisement, but seeing that there is no “Community advertisement”, I found that it would best fit into this area of the forums, if it’s in the wrong part of the facepunch area, I apologize.


This will obviously be heavy edited in time.

Yet another post apocalyptic server?

Think Resident Evil 3 : Nemesis, THE world’s in shatters and the world is just beginning to fall, but their on top of it a little bit better then umbrella.

Would help if you could spell potential.

Pardon me?
I don’t see Potential the word affecting the community, My English is just not a main thing in life.


wow, can’t people think about storylines that aren’t about killing zombies and stuff like that, just make your storylines different it will be more funny to play, and will make your server a bit unique, why can’t we have MonkRP where you roleplay as a monk in a monastery doing stuff like praying, doing gardening and that stuff, just be creative dammit

Haha, that would be awesome, or atleast do not have full of cars as in all other rp servers, why not have bikes or something like that ;)?

Have shitty bikes for monks so they can go to the near town and going to buy some stuff, going to the church and doing generally good thing, then when you have prayed enough you get level-up by Jesus and you get megacool powers of God

Haha :slight_smile: maybe achieve higher and higher monastery ranks?

back on topic: SUPER-MEGA-SERIOUS RP is no longer fashionable, people now wants RP that doesn’t force you to do certain things, but lets you RP the way you want, no classes, no megacomplex RP system, just a citizen class and a cop class and then you can choose every job you want to do as citizen.

GModrp is what you are looking for, there is actually no “jobs”, only permits that lets you buy stuff and be stuff.

I’m not looking to make everyone like my community, so no, I’m not going to change my not even close to being finished storyline to some city-life type of role-play.

Thanks for attacking my ‘Storyline’ before it’s even made, zombies are but a small bit of the story. If you’re going to comment about the storyline, wait at-least three months that way you’ll actually even know what it is, before you go getting pissy about it, alright?

I just said it is nothing new, don’t get cocky friend

Yer another zombie themed generic server. Invent a new theme seriously.

Again, never did it once say it’s a basic zombie role-play.
As I said to another poster, until the storyline is done, please refrain from commenting saying I’m making a genericly themed server, when the theme isn’t even done.

What else is there to invent.


Sounds repetitive… That is all monks do is chant.

IF you want monk rp so badly, then go make it, but if you’re going to all continue posting here, please make it about the TWWRA community.