The worlds biggest bar fight

“Francis, what don’t you hate??”

“I don’t hate this.”

whoops no space between “bar fight” :o

Haha, amazing. Espically francais’s facepose.

Epicsauce is epic! Nice job

I don’t know what good a zombie would do as a shield against… other zombies. But it’s cool.

They wouldn’t want to hurt poor Larry, now would they?

Thats amazing, I didn’t lol at the “Worlds Biggest Barfight” but the
picture is fucking amazing. Everything looks good on it.

The shield would just bight his arm and then he’d be a zombie. Poor tactic, Francis.

I was actually thinking more like he grabbed the zombie so he can pump a few rounds into his head, drop, and keep on fighting.

It’s Francis afterall :smiley:

great title lol.

Haha ! That’s brillant.

Good angle you took the shot at, there.

Although, Francis said “I don’t hate Vests.”

why is everything blue

I think I found a new wallpaper…


He’s immune, remember?

I like it, maybe a little heavy on the blue. also the building behind looks very 2d and sort of bendt, but thats not your fault. Good job.

Oh my, what a lovely revolver.

And an excellent picture.

In case you guys are wondering why the title is what it is, it’s off of Francis’ bio:

Great, now I noticed a grammatical error and I can’t change the bugger in the title :’(