"The World's Greatest Chase" - MiG-29 vs F-16


My entry to the latest competition.
C&C please and thanks,

Nice damn work, the picture looks real :o

Wow thanks a lot, Seth.

Amazing editing, looks real.

I like it good job

wow, you’re really getting better

Anytime babe :wink:

Good work on the contrails.

I just realized something.

Chesty you post too fucking much :slight_smile:

Stop making cool stuff >:L

I should hope so!

Thanks! It took a bloody long time to get the perspective right.

I sure as hell do! Lol. I tend to keep the forum page open most of the day, along with a few other sites like Facebook and stuff, and refresh them every now and then. It compels me to post!

Sorry! Don’t worry I’ll run out of inspiration sooner or later and end up making some crappy generic stuff and you call all flame me when that time comes.

Very nice. I can’t really find anything to criticize.


Nice work I like how you didn’t get the mig’s name wrong and the edit is FUCKING BEAST

Looks like a bowl of shit spread all over the floor where someone vomited…

Naah, just kidding. It looks like real :o

Oh Hairy, you kidder!

Thanks for the comments everyone! I really wasn’t expecting so many nice comments.

Dat iz a real picture !
Wait… no ?





There’s one fatal flaw in this picture that destroys the realisim. The MIG is firing at the F-16. In the real world, it’ll always be the other way around.


Thanks for that, General.

Whoa! Daaaaaaaamn! That’s one of the most awesome pictures I’ve seen in a long time.

Nice job! I like it.