The worst killer

Here is my first comic, so i hope you enjoy it as much as i enjoy doin it. You’re free to hate it o say anything about this. so… happy new year everybody

Ok well for a first comic it isn’t to bad… Heres a list of things to do.

  1. Open console and type "jpg_quality 100.
  2. Turn up the graphics. It might lag you for a bit but it makes the comic look better.
  3. Don’t use MS paint. Get GIMP its free.

Then you will have the right things to make a comic…now all you need is a good story and posing.

well thanks for the advice.

sorry for the jpg quality i’d forgot to put 100, now for the graphics part, i have the graphics on high but since i have vista and this doesn’t let me play gmod without changing the dx level to 8, dx80 disable some of the settings
and thanks again, i will download GIMP right now instead of using that shitty MS paint

This looks nice for a first comic as Kevinseven said :slight_smile: Listen to his advices and continue.

What the fuck would Vista have to do with that? Vista is DX10-enabled, why would it force DX8 on the game? I think you need to get a better graphics card.

I liked the comic, to top what the others said, you could improve a bit on your posing.

yeah it’s been a long time since a don’t play gmod, and i’m planning on get a better graphics card.

btw i’m glad you like it, i’m working on the next part.