"The worst kind of cannibal" - CID


I liked it alot.

I am in love with these poses.

Most original poser 2012

Awwwwwh shucks guys :3

Very nice.

Thanks sir :3

Haha you totally used what I said in chat as the title. Awesome man picture man, and like i said, i like the bone armour

Those Guys giving me the creeps. Music fits perfectly!

Wouldn’t the title imply that there’s a good kind of cannibal, though?

Great picture.

probably the ones who ask for permission to eat you.

I guess

Also, really offtopic, but it reminds me of that movie that came out a while ago… y’know, it was set in Scotland and there was (I think) that dude from the Prodigy in it? With all the cannibals that eat people cause all the animals got killed by a virus?

Yeah, it reminds me of that.

“The Road” probably?

Nah, it was an action movie. “Outbreak” or “Quarantine” or something along those lines.

Uh I remember that one. They had scotland overrun by what looked like punk wannabees in it right?

Jonesy, get off that tank gun

Awwwww yeah, nothing like a stuffed scavenger for lunch.