The worst maps you've ever made

Because I know we’ve all produced some pretty horrible maps (or parts of maps) in our days, I thought I’d start a thread dedicated to it.

I’ll gladly start with something I created just today:

Yes… That is goatse… Don’t ask…

I almost released this as a completed map on one of my servers for shits and giggles.

There’s almost something complacent/relaxed about the last one… idk maybe it’s the color

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Can we post other people’s maps that we find horrible?

I dunno, I mean, I don’t really ever look at any old things and just go “wow that’s awful I can’t believe I did that,” because when I made those things, i was proud of what I did and that I was learning/doing something. Obviously older material will inherently be lower quality than current material, but it’s not really right to just act like something you made didn’t matter/was completely awful, because you learn from that stuff and get better.

I made a map called “muddy waters” and it was just some water, rainfall, and a displacement terrain island. My excuse was that it was a “posing map”.

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It was terrible and I knew it was terrible at the time but I still released it because I was also terrible.

I’ve only been mapping for a week but it’s been a rather intense week-- around day 5 of doing nothing but mapping my brain turned to mush and I decided that instead of making new maps as backups, I was gonna just copy and paste new versions of the base I was building and just shove them aside. I’ve got a map somewhere with around 30 bloodgulch bases in various stages of completion, all hovering near the top of the skybox and all stacked on eachother

Then it turns out I was using floating points for everything so I had to restart from scratch, what took me 5 days before took me about an hour so yay

I went digging and found some really old stuff, not all bad but… Never finished any of it ;_;

I’m also too lazy to resize.

When I thought texture lights were the best lights:

I tried to make bioshock infinite… It turned into a shit. Not a pile of shit, not bits of shit, just ‘a’ shit.

I never thought I could cringe like this at my own creations, but I am.

Some of those actually look pretty good.

This abomination;

If I remember correctly I was really proud of it because I added working landmines and stuff. Worked on a second version but I got compile errors that I had no idea how to fix back then. Sadly lost the vmf, would be fun to open it and see all the shit i did :v:

I no longer have it, but a friend of mine made a HL2DM map like 5 years ago that was this multi layered courtyard thing. He told me how he posted a question here once asking if like 8 units was a good depth for a displacement. Last I saw of both him and the map.

half of these maps posted are actually pretty good, I wonder if my first maps were alr-



and yes I did put my name made out of brushes in the map

One time when I was first starting out I wanted to make a sort of pipe the player could walk down - no one had told me back then that carving was bad and I didn’t know about the arch tool so I carved a cylinder out of another cylinder - it was an absolute mess.

Also, again when I was first starting out, I was applying for a games design course at uni and used some of my really early mapping work to pad out my portfolio - one was a fullbright greek temple type thing with awful brushwork, just sitting in the middle of a tiny square of grass. I think the other was a really plain metal corridor but it had breakable glass so I took lots of screenshots of that.

On the bright side no one can hate me harder than I hate myself.