The Wrath using the Force Grip


Reference picture -


Fingerposing would have fit. Even though it isn’t in the reference picture.

If something is BAD in the reference picture dont copy it lol

Fingerposing. The lack of it is my only complaint.

Also, what map is that?

dm_resistance ifimrite.
Also hurr durr russian. :v:

It’s fingerposed, he’s holding the lightsaber by using the force…

Wrath is everywhere.

Surprising because of that ugly noisy overly high res head texture.

Well, I liked the model, because it has good fingerposing.


Good picture, but the finger posing needs to be done and some editing wouldn’t hurt.

I see right through your excuses, your petty jedi mind tricks won’t work on me…

It’s fingerposed! Well, I did what I see on the reference pic…Yeah, his right hand is not posed, but his left one is. I could post some screenshots, but unfortunately I forgot to save it…

Anyway, I posted the original…