The Wrath

(ignore combine hurrrr)


People who worked on this model
Omolong (first hack, attempt atrig, UV, just being there online jsut incase, also two pics from here)
FT (more hack, attemp at rig)
Nahka (first rig, Moar UV, SMOOOOOTHING)
Shotgunguy (Building a head, fixing some stuff on hack)
Nexus Elite (helping on head, advices on hack)
Simkas (giving phy and something else)
Dean (rerig, fixing model, giving final tests)

People who wanted to get credited for first picture:

People who reskined result:

Lack of credit for first picture makes me sad :saddowns:
Great model anyways :3:


Argh my comment vanished. It was saying it was a good reskin.

Very nice

reminds me of Rorschach from watchmen

That’s because it is an edited version of his head.

Look at his face -> :buddy:

Pretty kickass model.

Reminds me of Rorschach. Nice.

It’s not very impressive anyways. Awesome release kari

You shouldn’t credit me, I failed at trying to get it right :saddowns:

There, I edited that for you. I absolutely could NOT take the mistakes. Use it if you’d like, I only did this because the skin is really cool, in my opinion, and I didn’t like seeing poor grammar and stuff reflected on such a popular item!

I was waiting for someone to fix that, thanks, Op updated. :biggrin:

Not a problem. At first I was mad that someone would write that, but I soon realized English is not your native tongue, and then I decided that was a very good effort, actually.

Also, downloading. Looks to be worth it, definitely.

Uh, i would love to make a reskin for this. I mean, bloodier mask or something maybe? Anyway, awesome as hell.

Oh look, it’s Rorschach’s casual brother.

At least he’s an expert at washing

The head is too noisy.
It might be too high res, bumpmap too strong or bad mipmaps.

someone should reskin it to look like a potatoe sack on his head still with the ppaint though

looks like a juggalo