The XI Legion on UK 1

Hello users! Me and a medium sized group of like minded friends are attempting to set up a policing/patrolling force on the UK 1 server to act as a buffer against the large amount of banditry we have come across.

We send out regular patrols and help “nakeds” or weary travelers from wildlife, bandits, or just starvation. We encourage people to help each other as best we can, and have already defeated one major bandit group led by a particularly nasty bandit who terrorised our local valley with raids and murder.

Our long term goals on UK 1 is to keep banditry in our area to a bare minimum by forcing the bandits to have to deal with US first before effectively raiding without consequence. At this very moment we have found and are planning attacks on several known bandit locations/groups and hope to make our area slightly safer if at all.

However, we unfortunately see a lot of flak going out to the “Kevlar wearing noobs” and some encouragement to “shoot them on sight”, we therefore encourage the populace of uk 1 to PLEASE make sure that you are not attacking an XI member who is willing to help. This can be easily determined by keeping your distance (DO NOT SPRINT AT US WEAPON DRAWN) and using either voice (or text) to ask “XI patrol?”

Our protocols are such that if someone does end up too close, we unfortunately have to kill them.

Any user is welcome to add “[XI] DeadlyHussar” (without quotations) and request further information/help from us.

Please be aware that although we try our best, we cannot get to everyone! we have also to learn a larger portion of the map, we only know our local area well, so anybody willing/wanting to move closer to our range of patrolling is welcome!

We also apologize as we cannot police the server 24/7, we do have commitments outside of gaming that need attended to (work/school ETC).
Finally, its on the UK 1 SERVER ONLY.

Thanks for reading, hope to see you alive and well in game!,


This is a great idea. How many people in your group already? and what does XI stand for?

we currently have around 10-15 people in total (online or offline), XI is roman numerlas for 11(th), as we are part of a larger gaming community simply called the XI (11th) Legion. Our gaming community is simply a group of friends (old and young, mature and otherwise), from different backgrounds and nationalities who have came together in our teamspeak server to play a multitude of games together. The name XI (in rust) was used because a good portion of our users began playing and thought it appropriate.

=) thankyou for taking the time to reply to my thread as well it means a lot. we hope to be noticed and known about a bit more in the near future!

All the best,


The Police :open_mouth:

Sounds interesting. Mostly because it’s the first consistent faction in Rust with an actual motive and purpose, and I believe that is the direction player interaction in Rust should go in.

I’m going to add you up as I wouldn’t mind joining in on your patrols. (not tonight, though, because I’ve got a crave for Battlefield 4 :v:).

thanks to all those who have added me on steam and expressed an interest in this.

I shall get round to you all ASAP as i have to sleep right now, my eyelids are dragging off the floor! lol

once again, much appreciated for the comments and time you guys are taking to enquire about this, it means a lot to both me, and the other XI Patrollers who are working as hard and fast as they can to make UK 1 an easier place to play/live on.

Alright bud.

Dat metaphor.

Update for those interested. The XI is organising an attack tonight on local Bandits in the area. If the attack is a success, the valley will be rid of the last major bandit group in the area.

I thank those who have volunteered as “militia” for there involvement

Awesome idea.

I have recently set-up camp in UK1 and it would be nice to think my house is a bit safer!

Dont forget to mention not all of us have XI in our name like clover and myself lol, just so there isnt any misunderstandings if people come across us.