The XVX FireHawk Xtreme and the Bison 250. Destructable Car/Truck.

Ok after playing around with Karbine and Penis Colada and messing with some Destructable cars, I decided to make my own.

All cars are made to moderate detail so they are marginally playable on MP servers.


The XVX FireHawk Xtreme, A cheesy 60’s sports car, the suspension is pretty weak so Moderate to High jumps will break the axle.
Comes with 5 seats, and features a Race car red paint job.

After about 4 grenades:

The Bison 250, is a Semi Truck. Is alot tougher and heavier than the Sports car as you would Imagine, It actually has a trailer but I don’t have a picture yet, this one after some weight tweaking now breaks apart properly, It makes for some nice 1vs1 Truck Derby matches.
Comes with 2 seats, and features a Awesome Back paint job, has a Trailer and a dangling hula doll to keep you company on those long hauls.

Accident :bees:

Video on is way HERE!

C&C Guys,

What’s your break point value?

Damn you people and your destructables. :argh:

But hoylshit, the first car looked awesome.

Car has around 12k on axle and suspension, 6-8k on body parts.

Truck has 80k on axle and 10-12k on Body parts, The trucks body all weight about 250+ though and it stresses the axle alot.

You have three radios in your truck
That’s awesome :downs:

Hehey, awesome man, can’t wait to see what you got cooking in the video.
I shall make myself some demo derby car. And consider this flaming since that is according to Keksman all I do on this forum.

It definitely performed better than my truck, the cabin was quite sturdy. :v: Loved the design as well.

I liked the truck more than I did the car, to be honest. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, but we had an Epic 1vs1vs1 Derby with the trucks, I made the trucks more destructable since then, the cabin actually breaks now.

I always seem to see the contraption, just before its released on here… how strange.
‘Awesome!!’ like i said before in the server :P.

Gold Star’d

There we go, video is up :dance:

MacHaddock is in the background.

The video had some really bad camera work. Nice job on the truck though.

make a download for them they are kick ass the truck is the best i have seen.

Yeah Adobe Premier Cuts alot of the sides off the Video, so i was stuck with a zoomed in view.

yes. kill adobe premier. Excellent job on the breakable cars. Should have had them crash into each other!

I did D:, in the video.

Though when i tried to ram the truck into the car it drove off because they had the same controls :keke:

Holy shit dude, nice vehicles, but you fucking fail at making videos, you literally missed like everything in your camera shots, you missed the truck, you missed the car hitting shit, i can’t even tell what’s going on, and your physgun thing is fillin the whole screen

The video is fucking terrible, everything else is awesome :ahaw:

Epic. Where did you find the money for Adobe Premier?

Just gonna take a guess :pirate: unless he got a discount or he knows somebody who can get a free copy. Or maybe work gets him a free copy


Make a shorter vid where you just demonstrate the destructibility. Nobody cares about the suspension, or watching it drive for a minute.

Either way, really cool. Did you have to freeze it while building?