The Yeti isn't the only thing to be feared in a blizzard

Models: Sam Fisher model, ddok’s snow re-skin, and Larry’s weapons
Editing: azndude

NOTE: Fisher is not a giant, he is on a snow-covered hill.

I regret not editing snow to the car and adding a bit of lighting on Sam Fisher’s… thingy on his back. Oh well.

oh no a giant

It’s good but Fisher uses a F2000

Who cares? He didn’t say that it’s sam fisher, he said that it’s the same fisher model!

I couldn’t find a supressed FN2000 model, I’ll use one next time I pose Fisher.

Fisher’s supressor is built in.

I thought it dident have a supressor
but at the pic you should try to make it look more like hes on a hill he looks more like hes a giant.

Man, Sam Fisher looks fat. He looks like one of those super soldiers from Prototype.
Anyway, I like the scene