The You Ask for the model I code and hex it thread

This thread is the thread where once to three times a week I’ll hex a model and code it.

You must give a link
It must be from CS:S
It must have a View Model

I will ** NOT ** hex world models, or at least I won’t until I learn bone placements and shit.

Well, go on, send me some shit.

I’ve already released 1 hexed SWEP, it’s on right now, it’s the BF3 M4A1.** I’m working on a M240 which is about ready for release**

The M240


Battlefield 3 M4A1 that I released

This is what’s done so far, when I finish the last model I’ll upload it and get started on your suggestions :buddy:.

Hex the… the… the… hmmmmmm … the … thee…the … the… ummm … the … the… M240

Isn’t this kind of the wrong section?

I couldn’t really figure an area to put it, but I mean it has to do with lua and such, if it could be moved then move it :buddy:.

Wouldn’t this be a bit more accurate?

Yeah, let’s see if an admin can move it or something :v