The Zeeky Apocalypse

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Nexus and Madman Helped (by that i mean they did most of the posing while i yelled at them), and DTmech helped by crashing the server, twice

Nexus needs to stop chatting up little boys in werehouses.

That Zeeank got pwned.

Then i came , and grew weeds all over the map until it crashed.



Looks like Zeeky

Lit the Zeeky Bomb.

I hate all of you.

Even me? :saddowns:

Especially you.

Haha, now that’s quite a random comic.

Am I included in “all”? Last time I checked I wasn’t

You should have waited. Now I am a sad panda. :'C


Should try making a new me next.

GET ON STEAM NEXT TIME. Get on it right now!

Cool man.
/sips soda


Awesome comic

Yes you as well. We wanted you in there but the other didn’t have your skin :frowning:

ya so that was stupid and also shit

Troll, much?

Or maybe it’s an opinion?

Can’t call out troll on everything.

Oh yes we can you troll!