The ZF-1 gun 4.0

For anyone who doesn’t know, the ZF-1 gun is a fictional weapon from a movie called the Fifth Element. It was a gun that did everything, from firing rockets to spraying liquid nitrogen. I attempted to re-create this gun a while back, but really didn’t follow the guidelines of the movie.

The Charge beam sucked, so I changed it into an airstrike. The fireball didn’t work at all, so I fixed that as well. The gun is also a lot more stable and fun to use.

Other than that, there are a ton of bug fixes and little updates here and there. All bullets ricochet, you can no longer be caught on fire while underwater, you can rocket jump, there are a couple new/improved effects for different weapon modes, sound looping glitches have been fixed, projectiles don’t explode upon creation on some maps, and a whole lot of other fixes.

Primary - Fire
Secondary - Scope/Secondary fire.
Use + Secondary - Change modes.


Sadly, I had to remove the light entities on the flame. It looked damn nice, but was extremely laggy.


And flippy645 made a world model fix. Grab it here:

Happy Hunting

This is awesome, Thanks man, been waiting for it.

This is incredible

Awesome video, great gun!

I think the Airstrike mode is messed up. When it explodes, checkerboard square particles fly everywhere. Other than that, this SWEP is awesome.

You forgot the red button.

Nice idea, self destruct button would be nice.

I’ll fix that, give me a sec.


The textures were in the main gmod directory. I packed them in to the zip file. If there’s still some missing, let me know.

Nice gun i remember this from the fifth element
Great Movie

Why no red button?

I get some weird Nil error when I shoot bullets with the gun…and when I use the airstrike Pink/black checkboard boxes fly out when it explodes…any idea?

The pink and black checkerboards were missing textures that you needed Hl2 to see. I thought I packaged them in the newest version on

As for the nil error, that means that the hl2weapons lua file didn’t get run.

I know this gun works on a clean gmod install, as long as you have hl2.

I have every single game on the GMOD list…even Zeno Clash…I’ve had this kind of crap happen before with other guns…Not the nil thing but the missing textures…It’s really odd.

I love everything but the blocky looking liquid nitrogen, any way to change that?

I remember the old one. Good times.

I like how you can run on water with the liquid nitrogen selection. Very useful.

Oh man, this was one of my most loved weapons. It always worked, and was applicable to every task I needed it. much like in the film itself :v:

Nice update. Looks vastly improved.

Using the RPG firemode to rocket jump is a lot of fun. Thanks for the greatest SWep I’ve seen in a LONG time.

How’d you get Ep1 fire?

Wow… Very good swep. I want to see more from you.