The zombie here

emotionless faces make them badass.

what the fuck is that shitty excuse of a laser sight.
one it wouldnt be that orange colour.
two. you cant see it in daylight. you can see laser sights when dust particles go through them god damn

zombies are just standing there like sup dawg. fuck

Holy christ, Saddam’s come back as a whiskey-delta!

Bulging muscles.

Shame about the lack of faceposing and eyeposing. He looks like he’s staring at his pistol really blankly.


Sure is constructive criticism in here…

other than the apparent noise overkill (did you apply noise and THEN sharpen?) it’s p good

bored, expressionless face with no eyeposing at all, orange, clearly visible laser beam, left hand looks like it’s under the right hand which makes no sense for a right hander. immense noise and some aa issues. composition is alright.

you can’t facepose them lol


well in that case i’d try and avoid even showing their faces, that or just use the inflator and/or ps to whack a faceposable head on there

Watch out Chris, Stalin’s looking at you…

Isn’t this like old as fuck? I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it before.

Nevertheless, it’s pretty cool.